"Now you can discover the System that walks you through How to Quickly Turn Your Website Into A Lucrative Niche Connector...starting now!"

You will get all the pieces of the puzzle -web page templates, audio and video sample scripts, and more ... all the components you need to assemble your own professional and profitable website (even if you never could before). And you'll never be concerned about sounding pushy or sales-y.

Can you relate to these scenarios:

  • "You absolutely know you can help your target audience... if you only knew where to find them."

  • "You created your website before you understood your target audience (and now you need a makeover...fast."

  • "You get frustrating queries for services you have never offered and have no desire to offer...

  • "You're tired of lurking in forums, waiting for your niche members to notice you.."

  • "You feel stumped because you can't find a connection to introduce you to your niche."

  • "You need a way to drive more targeted traffic to your website."

"Time to Conquer the Niche Monster"

Most business owners get advice to "Find your niche." But when we get ready to create a website, many of us get stalled because we feel we don't know what our niche is and we know even less about how to reach a target audience through a website. We get so frazzled we often give up, turn everything over to the webmaster and create a museum-quality object that's gathering dust in cyberspace.

With all this pressure, many businesses feel like they're fighting with the Niche Monster. They're losing energy and focus because...

The Niche Monster specializes in creating overwhelm. First of all, our living, breathing clients don't aways fit snugly into niches. We start out targeting boomer womes and realize our services appeal more to midlife men, or vice versa. We don't know whether to focus on age, gender or lifestyle. We target two types of audiences and wonder if we have one, two or no niches...and what that means in terms of creating websites.

But the real challenge comes when we realize that choosing a niche is just the beginning. Now we've got a HUGE task ahead: creating content for an online marketing campaign that grabs our target market and appeals to the emotions of the people we want to serve.

"...By Becoming a Niche Master."

As a copywriter and marketing strategist, I help clients create website content and online marketing campaigns that reach their targets. Many business owners say they'd like to work with me, but they aren't ready for the investment that's required for one-to-one consultation and copywriting. So I'm leading a one-of-a-kind workshop where you will get direct, straightforward guidance to bulding a foundation for your online marketing.

You won't get theory. You get action steps. In fact, when you complete the step-by-step assignments, you end up with a professional website.

Introducing: Turn Your Website Into A Niche Connection Machine

This workshop shows you exactly how to:

copywriting Create content for a website that connects with prospects (and turns them into clients)

copywriting Leverage your natural strengths to choose the niche you're best suited to serve

copywritingPromote your expertise without bragging or boasting)

copywriting Use your website to create relationships with prospects (so you keep filling the pipeline before you need new clients)

copywriting Create online content that speeds up the know-like-and-trust process

copywriting Recognize when you need to fire your niche and prospect for more lucrative clients (without a lot of downtime)

copywriting Avoid the most common website mistakes that alienate you from your target niche (and create compelling content that connects)

The Niche Connection Machine Workshop is designed for service business owners who are tired of beating the bushes for clients at live networking events, cold calls and referrals. These professionals want to attract more clients and sell more products online, while enhancing their crediblity and professional profile.

Totally new to the Internet...

I was totally new to the Internet when I joined the first Online Client Attraction Strategy workshop. I didn't even have a website and wasn't clear on my business idea. The first four calls helped me get acclimated to the Internet business mindset, terminology and strategy to establish an online presence. The fifth call felt like a breakthrough for me. Learning about writing book reviews on Amazon.com was priceless. Your advice for Facebook and creating a landing page really helped me to tie together all the information from the previous four calls.

Cindy McMillan


This workshop is PERFECT for you if you...

  • Want to stop working so hard to attract clients and let your website do a bigger and better job
  • Realize you have expertise and skills and want to promote them to your target prospects
  • Want a no-frills, kick-butt high-energy, action-oriented learning experience
  • Are thoroughly fed up with saying, "I know my website is a disaster but..."
  • Envision your website as a 24/7 marketing partner (even if it's currently more like a couch potato)
  • Are ready to create authentic promotional content and not interested in cookie-cutter solutions

But it's not for you if you...

Are looking for a magic bullet solution
Want to end up with a website that looks exactly like everybody else's
Hope to hear lots of compliments about your "beautiful" website (instead of requests for solutions you can provide)

This workshop is unique in 4 ways.

See your website as the cornerstone of your online marketing, not the whole structure. Even if you don't create all the pieces right now, you save time later because you didn't do anything that will create a nasty surprise in the future.

Color inside AND outside the lines. Some courses give you a cookie cutter and heaven help you if you deviate one micro-pixel. Others give you the sizzle and you have to pay to get the steak. This course gives you guidelines and templates...and a license to do your own thing.

Talk to me (and everybody else). Most workshops in this price range do not include a forum and/or extensive Q&A. Let's face it: a workshop is no use to you if we haven't addressed your questions.

Didn't get it all the first time? No problem. You get to download all the classes and listen, over and over again. You also enjoy a unique Alumni Benefit. As future courses are offered, you get to sign up for just $97


Here's what the Workshop covers.

Session 1. Tuesday November 9 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern


What do you need to create a niche-connecting website? You will learn five essential building blocks and create at least two during this first session.

Simple ways to identify your target niche (including the THREE questions to ask before you begin creating content)

The ONE mistake to avoid when describing your niche (so you can easily and quickly generate marketing materials)

The simplest way to uncover your own "Fab Factor" so you create your fabulous online presence

How to know how many niches you need (and when to keep them totally separate)

3 elements that appear on most service biz websites and totally confuse your target prospects

Why a crowded niche will (almost always) be more profitable than an empty one

How to create a 3-pronged opt-in system that builds rapport with your target audience


Session 2. Tuesday November 16 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Your Know-Like-&-Trust About Page

Your About page can be your most powerful tool to reach your target marke, yet many marketers just offer a resume or even skip this page altogether.. You will learn to communicate your expertise and experience authentically and accurately, tailored specifically to make a connection with your niche.

How to create a website that establishes your presence virtually (the way you create a presence when you walk in to a live event)

How to transform you bio from a statement of facts to a hard-hitting sales document

Exactly how to set up your "About" page step-by-step to promote yourself without boasting

How to create your networking introduction based on your website

How to get up close and personal so prospects experience your empathy without embarrassing TMI

Session 3. Tuesday November 23 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern.

How To Promote Your Services As The *BEST* Solution To Your Niche

Two of your website pages answer these questions: "Am I in the right place?" and, "What will you do for me?"

Step by Step: How to create a captivating home page that magnetizes your target market (and subtly discourages the prospects you don't want)

How to fix the 3 mistakes most service business owners make on their "Services" page (and create a page that's a motivator, not a menu)

How to demonstrate the value of your services (without exaggerating what you deliver)

How to discourage tire-kickers and deadbeats before they pick up the phone to call you

Session 4. Tuesday Tuesday November 30 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

Turn Your Website Into a Niche Connector With Audio And Video


Audio vs. video: How to save money and hassles

3 ways to use audio recordings most people haven't thought of (and how to write the scripts)

Make an audio recording that introduces you and your services effortlessly to your target marketonline marketing with audio

How to write a script for your video (so you create a powerful marketing tool that makes clients want to join you)

How to create your "Intervew Kit" so you'll be ready to reach your target when a show host calls

Session 5. Tuesday December 7 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern.

Get Deeper Into Your Niche With Blogs And Social Media.

How to identify members of your target market on Facebook and Twitter (including some ways I haven't seen anybody else using)

Use copywriting strategies to create three types of posts and tweets that reach your target

How to reach your niche by reviewing books on Amazon (free and easy IF you follow a few guidelines)

Why forums can be awesome connection points (and why they sometimes turn into dead ends)

My own time-saving strategies for creating TONS of content without giving up the rest of your life


Session 6: Q&A - Ask me anything! Time to be arranged.

Did we miss anything? Do you have questions? Here's your chance to ask. If you can't attend the call live, you can post a question ahead of time and get answers. You can also submit your new content for a critique.

BONUS calls to be announced! Topics depending on participant interest. Currently planning technology and article marketing.


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How The Niche

Here's what you get on this call:

5 60-75 minute live calls with a Q&A on each call. You get tons of content. We stay on the phone till all questions are answered. You can ask questions between calls.

1 Q&A "Ask Cathy anything" call.

1 bonus live call with a guest expert: Toolie "The Tech Whiz" Garner on "Technology Behind Your Fabulous Online Presence." Toolie is one of the few web designers and techies on the planet who actually "gets" marketing and copywriting. I learn something every time she guests on my calls.

Each week you get:

1 downloadable Learning Guides filled with information you can use far into the future. (Participants consistently say, "The Learning Guides were worth the price of the course.") They're not wimpy pages with blanks to fill in. They're action-packed resources you will want to print out and use over and over again.

2 to 3 realistic "homework" exercises and action steps every call, designed to take you one step further toward increasing your Internet income. These assignments are designed so you make measurable progress but avoid overwhelm.

A private Facebook forum for discussion and interaction ...excellent opportunity for feedback and networking.


Your business associate attends FREE when you work on one project together.

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What People Are Saying About
Cathy Goodwin's Workshops

"Way beyond what was promised..."

"As a student in Cathy's Winter Workshop, I was very pleased with her program. Even though Cathy promised us three classes, she went way beyond that by adding two bonus calls. Each session Cathy gave straight forward, helpful critiques of web sites if people requested them. Information from Cathy's lectures, handouts, and homework could be put to use immediately.

Besides learning some new techniques during this class, I was also able to make contacts with others for ongoing support. I would not hesitate in signing up for another of Cathy's classes."

Pat Bluth

"Answered a lot of questions..."

"I took Cathy Goodwin's Winter Workshop to get some much needed feedback and assistance for my web site The workshop answered a lot of questions for me and Cathy was very helpful in pinpointing specific ways for me to improve my web site The Learning Guides were very informative and clearly written. As a result I feel more confident in sending people to my web site.

Cathy is very knowledgeable, insightful and dedicated to helping professionals optimize their copywriting and web sites"

Richard Atkinson

"I still get comments on what I learned..."

"I was lucky to attend Cathy's first Social Marketing course. She easily covered all the basics of using Twitter and Facebook for my business as well as tips to submit articles to get traffic to our web sites (which definitely works!).

She encouraged us and answered all our questions with verve and enthusiasm and was fun.

I still get comments on is the "Twitter page" I created from Cathy's tips and I made a couple of new friends while on the course too. Thanks, Cathy!"

Emma-Louise Elsey

"Nailed my challenge on the first call..."

You did a quick review of my website on our first call. I realized that some of my background needed to be on the home page because it is so relevant to what I do and the ideal clients I want to serve. Your comments were a real epiphany....totally changed my site."

Ann Gibson

arrow image Click here now. to sign up

"OK, Cathy, I'm in! What's my investment?"

I’ve priced this product to recognize that some business owners are feeling economic pressures. But I also recognize that some business owners are still increasing revenue every quarter. I want you to become one of those businesses.

Here are some alternative ways to get the benefits of this Blueprint program.

  • If you hire a copywriter to write your web site, you start around $2500 (usually $3500 - $5000 or more). You pay considerably more when you ask for additional support for your blog, social media and article marketing.

  • If you work with a marketing coach in a group setting, you would pay $400 - $1200 a month or more.

Your investment is just $397 for the entire workshop...and you can get your blog installed for less than the cost of a business lunch

This amount is less than you'd spend for 3 networking lunches (much less if you include driving, dry cleaning and parking). When your web site attracts more clients and opt-ins, you may be able to forego some of those meetings (and enjoy more free time, not to mention healthier food). And you'll use your face-to-face time more effectively.

"Yes, Cathy, I am ready to get started..."

red arrow image Give me the whole program so I can start attracting more clients and get maximum value for my investment : $397.

"Want to attend FREE? Here are 3 ways..."

If you get just ONE client for one month...you've received full value.

Become my affiliate and earn a commission each time someone signs up through your link. When you register early, just TWO new members will pay your way.

When you hire me for a Copywriting Strategy Session, the program is completely free to you. It's the ideal way to combine copywriting with strategy and leverage your own do-it-yourself motivation.

Still wondering? Here are answers to the most popular questions:

FAQ #1: Can I bring a partner?

Absolutely! Bring a friend, business associate, Virtual Assistant...anyone who will benefit.. Just work together on one project and share the bonus one-to-one call. .

FAQ #2: I've already taken some of your courses. Will this course overlap what I learned?

Many people who take my courses are repeaters: they take one course with me and then choose another. I never teach a course the same way twice. I'm constantly learning from my own experience as well as from more formal training. Every call will have new material and some will be entirely new.

Cathy Goodwin Signature
Cathy Goodwin

P. S If you’re still thinking about whether or not "Niche Connection Workshop” is for you, consider that the price will probably go up at some time in the future. Once you sign up, you can re-take the program as often as you like for $97 each time. .

P.P.S. I plan to offer a version of this program at least 3-4 times a year. This one is just the FIRST ever offered. That means I am very motivated to see everyone succeed and create success.

Why wait? Start now and begin attracting all the clients you need. .


If you’re ready to attract more clients and sell more products online - whether you are a beginner or a veteran - join the Online Client Attraction program by clicking the link below. You will be taken to my 100% secure server where you can sign up. You will get a welcome email, confirming your participation in the program.

Remember, you will have a week to test the Workshop for yourself. If you are not fully pleased with the results you get, just as for a full refund of your investment. There really is nothing to lose and a great deal to gain.



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The Fine Print: Many of my clients and class participants have gotten satisfying results from my writing and teaching. Those who attended and did not follow through with implementation did not see results. Of course I can't promise that you will achieve any particular increase in sales or any specific results. Your own success will depend on many factors, including your talents, skills, market, environment and application of what you learn here.


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