Sherlock Holmes would deduce your niche in just a few minutes, finding clues nobody else even noticed. Miss Marple would just listen quietly while she knitted. Spenser would bring along some muscle.

I'm Dr. Cathy Goodwin, an avid mystery fan who uses copywriting to solve mysteries related to online marketing. This week you get to listen as I solve the case of the missing niche - a challenge that baffles hundreds of online business owners.

On this call, you will discover ...

Why the standard definition of "niche" can be a red herring that distracts you from solving the real puzzle

How to discover clues tucked away in your clients' success stories

How to recognize your niche that is "hidden in plain sight"

How to track down a niche that's been hiding in the Witness Protection Program

Why copywriting skills make you a better niche detective

... and a whole lot more.

Join me on a journey of discovery and feel free to test my detective skills by showing some clues about your own niche. Who knows? A trained eye and a magnifying glass can do wonders.

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