And what have we here, Watson? A website that's getting oohs and aahs but no conversions! A cheerleader, not a player. How can this be?

Not to worry. Your Copywriting Detective will show you how to solve this mystery with some proven copywriting techniques during this fast-paced, informative session.

I'm Dr. Cathy Goodwin, an avid mystery fan who uses copywriting to solve mysteries related to online marketing. This week you get to listen as I solve the Case of the Contrary Conversions - a challenge that baffles thousands of online business owners.

On this call, you will discover ...

The 2 questions most website owners forget to ask about conversion copywriting

a very common red herring that causes you to lose conversions (and how not to be fooled)

3 easy copywriting strategies to increase conversions (and generate income)

how 3 website elements will destroy your conversion rates (and most websites have at least one)

... and a whole lot more.

Join me on a journey of discovery and feel free to test my detective skills by sharing some clues about your own conversion challenge. Who knows? A trained eye and a magnifying glass can do wonders.

Yes, Cathy! Please sign me up for your Copywriting Detective teleseminar series, including this call. I understand I will also receive updates, features and announcements and reminders of future calls (and I can discontinue at any time).


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