After fighting a wretched cold all week, I decided to admit defeat - just for today. I'm postponing the Cat Chat till next week.

My loss is your gain. I'm offering something even better: 2 recordings with Chrisina Hills, creator of the Website Creation Workshopp. They're packed with information that you can use whether or not you sign up for the Website Creation Workshop.

However, I have to say that this Workshop has had a huge impact on my own marketing. I continue to use what I learned, almost every day. If you do sign up through my link, I will gift you with a Laser Marketing Makeover so you can implement compelling content on your new Wordpress site. My link is:


Opportunity #1:

Last month I interviewed Christina Hills as part of the Upside Down Marketing series. We had a very special call:

We talked about using Wordpress to

-- replace your newsletter -- create your next product in a coffee shop -- leverage keywords to attract traffic

...and a whole lot more.

We thought the recording was lost to technical difficulties. However, with some Audacity and determination, the replay is now available. Christina and I both think it's one of our best calls.

For just a few days, anyone can listen at no charge: ==================================================

Opportunity #2:

Whether or not you choose this workshop, you will gain substantial knowledge from the replay of Christina's preview webinar: =================================================== In this webinar, you'll discover how with WordPress you can:

* Create Your Own Webpages without a Webmaster * Interact with Your Customers and Prospects on Your Website * Sell Your Products and/or Services Online * Search Engine Optimize Your Website to Get More Traffic

Christina has taught over 550 non-techie people how to easily build their websites themselves in the Website Creation Workshop.

Registration is now open and will only be for a few days. Go find out all the details right here...

You can register below to get updates and info for future Cat Chats (if you haven't done so already).

Yes, Cathy! Please sign me up for your Copywriting Detective teleseminar series, including this call. I understand I will also receive updates, features and announcements and reminders of future calls (and I can discontinue at any time).


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