“Watson,” says the detective, “we need to solve this one – and fast. After all, many business owners are missing profits from their websites. . They work long hours and invest thousands of dollars without seeing results. And … that’s a crime!”

The game is afoot and today we explore 3 clues to find the missing profits.

I'm Dr. Cathy Goodwin, an avid mystery fan who uses copywriting to solve mysteries related to online marketing. This week you get to listen as I solve the Case of the Contrary Conversions - a challenge that baffles thousands of online business owners.

On this call, you will discover ...

how to review your website like a copywriting detective

why your visitors may be trying to buy (and can't)

how to tell unravel clues in your About page

how to use your client queries to develop your website

... and a whole lot more.

Join me on a journey of discovery and feel free to test my detective skills by sharing your own website URL for a New York Minute critique. Who knows? A trained eye and a magnifying glass can do wonders.

Yes, Cathy! Please sign me up for your Copywriting Detective teleseminar series, including this call. I understand I will also receive updates, features and announcements and reminders of future calls (and I can discontinue at any time).


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