Most of us can relate to changes in our IRL ("In Real Life") Real Estate.

Remember your First Apartment? When we finished our education, we were still thinking like students. We didn't have much money and anyway, we knew this arrangement wouldn't last long. We bought used furniture. We did a lot of mix-and-match and creative planning. We certainly didn't invest time and money with painting or decorating.

Then we got a little more settled. We lost the roommates. We got serious. We bought Real Furniture - pieces we knew we would want to keep.

At some point, many of us realized we were ready to invest in our own home, whether we were 25 or 55. Now we got out the checkbook. We hired painters and lawn service specialists. We customized. We knew what we wanted and we had a sense of what was reasonable to invest in our dream, while keeping an eye on the future.

You can use a similar approach to planning your online real estate.

On this call, you will get tips to plan for your first, next and best websites. You will learn

why the solution that seems fastest, cheapest and easiest often turns out to be the most time-consuming and expensive (not to mention least profitable)

how to avoid the most common mistakes that add time, money and hassle to your website development

how content strategy can maximize your profitability at each stage of your website life cycle

... and a whole lot more.

Join me on a journey of discovery and feel free to test my detective skills by sharing your own website URL for a New York Minute critique. Who knows? A trained eye and a magnifying glass can do wonders.

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