[Last week's call had technical difficulties with the call AND the recording so I am introducing the topic again.]

Are you...

... secretly hoping prospects won't look up your website (because it doesn't showcase your unique expertise... and maybe it's just a little out of date)

... tired of spending money with services that promise to give you a great website if you sign over your bank account (and then disappear or give you nothing to write home about)?

... devoting way too much time writing your own content because you think nobody's going to "get" what you're about (so you might as well get it right the first time)?

... too busy with paying clients (so your online marketing projects remain on your "To Do" list forever)

... wasting time with tire-kicking prospects who feel they don't know you unless you talk on the phone or (worse) meet in person?

Then you need to be on this call!

These days clients are more likely to hire you after they have visited your website ... even if they find you through a referral or a live networking event. They want to get a lot of information and they would rather not ask you direct questions.

But many savvy professionals get caught in a jungle when they try to develop a website or website makeover. They hire people who disappear. They pay far too much and get too little.

And mostly, they just don't have enough time.

You will discover ...

... the single most important step to maximize the value of your marketing time

... how to create a LOT more content in LOT less time (and where to get the best ideas so you never waste time with writers block)

... why your best ideas won't come from competitors and mentors in your own field (and why you really need marketing innovations)

... 3 tips to choose online marketing resources that save you time (and probably money and hassle, too)

... and a whole lot more!

Join me on a journey of discovery and feel free to test my detective skills by sharing your own website URL for a New York Minute critique. Who knows? A trained eye and a magnifying glass can do wonders.

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