LinkedIn is becoming the hottest social marketing medium. hear more people saying, "I do a lot on Facebook but I get more business and better clients from LinkedIn."

Kristina Jaramillo has established herself as an expert on LinkedIn. She's developed strategies to help her clients use LinkedIn to grow their businesses faster ... and she'll be pulling back the curtain next Thursday to reveal some tips you can use immediately to grow your list with qualified prospects.

You will discover:

... how to manage your LinkedIn time to get the greatest results

... the single biggest mistake most business owners make when writing their LinkedIn profiles (and 3 insider tips for writing your own profile)

... how to get the best use from LinkedIn when you have two or three separate businesses

... how to turn group memberships into a gold mine for your business (without getting sucked into overwhelm)

... how to turn Answers to Dollars (especially in a market where you can't afford a hard sell)

These days even time-starved professionals need to be involved in social media. Kristina will show you how to get the greatest return on your investment of time and energy ... and how to avoid leaving money on the table by following a few easy guidelines.

This call will be held at a special day and time. Join us live to ask questions during the call.

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