Are you using less than 10% of your teleseminar power?

You're not alone.

Most business owners find themselves using teleseminars for just one purpose .... over and over again. They record one teleseminar and maybe repurpose it ... once.

The truth is, your teleseminar can be an extremely powerful weapon in your marketing arsenal, especially if you're too busy to add even one more marketing action to your day.

ONE teleseminar = TEN marketing tools. That's what we'll talk about on this Chat.

You will discover ..

... Why teleseminars offer unique benefits to time-starved business owners

... How you can use teleseminars to leverage the power of face-to-face marketing

... Why you need to understand how to be a great teleseminar guest even before you've got a single invitation in hand

I'll also talk about my forthcoming mini workshop: "Grow Your List With Teleseminars" starting August 18th.

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