These days you can buy a new refrigerator that keeps everything colder while using less energy. So why shouldn't you expect a website that brings you more revenue while saving you time, money and effort?

The truth is ... you can create a website that works overtime to deliver revenue ... with less hassle, time and money. . There are a few very simple, creative strategies that can give you a profitable online presence and they are very easy to learn.

Can you relate to these scenarios:

I want to get more business from my website, but I don't know how.

I'd like to start all over with a new website, but my first website was such a horror show -- I can't imagine doing it all over again.

My website does get traffic but they're all lookie-loos and freebie-seekers.

My website doesn't do justice to me - clients are surprised at how much value I give them!

I've paid coaches to get a branding statement and a logo but I can't translate their ideas into compelling website copy.

If even one of these statements rings true for you, you need to be on this call.

You will discover ...

... whether your website is a marketing magnet or a money sink (and why the money sinks outweigh the magnets online)

... the exact tweaks you can make in minutes to give your website a burst of energy (without spending big bucks or giving up control)

... when to ignore the advice to "invest in a new website" (even if it comes from a rich and powerful guru with a big name) (so you save LOTS of time and money)

... the 4 pages you need to begin an authentic relationship with prospects

... and a whole lot more!

I'll also talk about my forthcoming workshop: "30 Days to a Powerful, Profitable Website" starting September 15.

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