These days everyone's a critic ... of you. They keep telling you to write and then write some more. After all, what is the Internet but content?

But hey - you're busy. The word "time-starved" might have been invented for you. You've got clients, meetings, live events, and a To Do List that stretches half way to New Jersey.

So what do you do when you ...

set up time to write (and then stare at the page for 2 hours wishing your project would appear by divine intervention)

can't carve out a block of time to create just one Special Report

feel overwhelmed by pressure to keep up with blogs, social media, forums AND articles

feel like you're reinventing the wheel each time you sit down to write.

find yourself getting distracted after 5 or 10 minutes and wish you were ANYwhere else ... like maybe getting a root canal or having tea with your mother-in-law.

Can you relate to these scenarios:

"I know I need a signature product but I keep getting blocked when I sit down to write. So it's been 6 months now ... "

"My Report has to be perfect because I want to sound professional."

"My marketing coach has been encouraging me to create an ebook but hey, I'm just not a writer."

"Creating content seems overwhelming to me."

"I want to know the professional writers make it seem easy."

The surprising truth is ...

If you find yourself agreeing with even ONE of these statements, you may not need time management. You need a way to make one piece of writing do the work of 3, 5 or even 10 ... and you need to get past the blocks that keep you from the "just do it" phase.

I'm Cathy Goodwin, and I've written everything from a doctoral dissertation to a published book to a boatload of articles, posts and websites. I'm also certifiably lazy and jealously guard my time. I've created a writing system to create Internet content. Learn more when you join me, on December 6 for a FREE teleseminar.

You'll discover ...

2 professional writing secrets to move projects out the door FAST (so you don't have to leave money or feel guilty for weeks or months

1 surprising way to create Special Reports and info products from things you're probably doing already

how to create a writing system that works with your schedule and your own rhythm (so you won't waste energy fighting your own strengths)

how to complement your offline networking and client meetings so you don't have to make an "either / or" choice

3 dangeous myths that stop most busy professionals from writing ... sometimes forever.

... and a whole lot more!

You will also learn about my forthcoming mini-workshop: "The Content Multiplier System" starting December 15 .

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