3 Myths That "Everybody Knows" About Connecting to Your Niche

Why Humor Usually Breaks Your Connection to Your Niche

5 Easy Tips To Create Powerful Niche-Creating Content

How Following Well-Meaning Advice Can Disconnect You Permanently

How Copywriters Use (and don't use) Swipe Files To Make Connections

...and a lot more.


"I always know I'll get good information and even some gems from your calls. They're fun and entertaining but you always get right to the point, whether you're leading the call or interviewing another expert."

John Charles Steinmuller


“With so many teleseminars, I often find myself asking, 'Why am I still hanging on?' With your teleseminars, I always come away with information and a page of notes. You are a great host and an amazing interviewer.”

Rebecca Eisele


"Your calls are always filled with useful information. Looking forward to the next one!"

Doreen Richmond

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