As an independent professional, you probably know your About page is one of the most important pages on your website. In fact, for some of your prospects, it is THE most important page. They want to know who they're dealing with.

And your About page can be the foundation for your whole website. In fact, often you can create your website faster when you write this page first.

But for many business owners, the scariest marketing challenge is writing an "About" page. Some would rather write a treatise on basket weaving or mechanical engineering ... even if they know nothing about those fields.

Can you relate to these scenarios:

I absolutely don't feel comfortable talking or writing about myself.

I don't know how to relate my background to my current niche.

My "About Page" reads like a classified ad.

I want to come across as warm and approachable - but I'm still a professional.

My life story and "how I got here" doesn't seem to work ... and I don't want to give my prospect Too Much Information.

If you find yourself agreeing with even ONE of these statements, your "About Page" is probably Ambiguous and Ambivalent instead of Awesome and Amazing. And in some fields, your About page may even be turning clients away.

You will discover ...

... the fastest and easiest way to create an About page for your website

... the 5 mistakes most business owners make on their About pages (and they are surprisingly easy to fix)

... 3 tips to get over the feeling of, "I hate writing about myself"

... 3 ways to tell the world you're great (without sounding obnoxious or boastful)

... and a whole lot more!

You will also learn about my forthcoming mini-workshop: "Your Awesome About Page" starting September 15 - sign up early to get discounts! Details here.

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