"This workshop is for planners, designers, lawyers, accountants, healers, coaches, and other service business owners and independent professionals.

"Are You Ready To Create A Website That Reaches Your Ideal Clients In Your Unique Niche (Even If You Never Could Before)?"

Cathy Goodwin

From: Cathy Goodwin
Seattle, WA, USA
Thursday 9:00 AM

Dear Business Owner,

If you've arrived on this page, you know you have solid benefits to offer your clients. You are confident that you deliver real value.

And you know there's a big juicy niche out there with your name on it. You're wanting to reach that niche more effectively - and you know you need to make it happen with online marketing.

That's why you need to join me on November 9, from anywhere on the planet, for a brand new action-oriented workshop:

"Turn Your Website Into A Niche Marketing Machine."

The truth is...

Your prospective client will check you out online before getting serious about working with you...even when her BFF endorses you... even when you deliver the most personal, intimate, sensitive services.

copywriting tips Your website becomes a hum-along niche marketing machine when you connect with prospects through your content ... one page at a time.

Are you tired of getting pressured to jump on the latest Internet marketing bandwagon?

I don't know about you, but nearly every week I get dire warnings like, "Your business will fail if you don't get the latest thing that was just invented yesterday." Funny thing...the the Marketing Tip Du Jour changes more often than some people change their underwear. I don't buy it and you shouldn't either.

What you learn here will stand the test of time. You build the foundation of your online marketing presence, just as you build your house. Once you've got a solid structure, you can change the paint and even add on a porch. It doesn't work the other way around.

The sooner you start, the faster you'll see results. And you get to say good-by to your tired old website that's leaking profits every single day.

You WON'T get a cookie-cutter formula that works for everyone. You won't get theories, lectures, war stories or horror shows.

You WILL get ...

... specific exercises, guidelines and action steps that you can use immediately. I've broken down everything I do when I work with clients to create their websites and built a system you (or your Virtual Assistant) can follow.

...direct feedback and guidance on your project from me, directly.

... an opportunity to learn from 2 experts besides myself - people I've worked with and who deliver solid value. Their calls are action-oriented - NOT pitches.

So what kind of results can you expect?

Here are the deliverables - what you will take away from this Workshop:

Get to the heart of what your niche is about. Do you know how to define your niche so it translates into action? Does your niche let you use your strengths (instead of constantly fighting to be something you're not)? Is there a hidden side of you (or your clients) that's waiting to surface...and once it comes out, your business EXPLODES?

Take your first steps to monetize your niche as you develop the 4 foundation website pages (more if you're really motivated). Once you know how to define your niche, how do you start makinfg money? What features on your website make a BIG difference? That's what you're going to walk through, step by step.

Get prospects to view you as a credible expert when you discover how to turn your own story into the central plank of your marketing platform. Package your background, experience and expertise so you come across as authentic and approachable, but also as a valuable, one-of-a-kind resource who commands premium fees.

Get your questions answered. You get LOTS of interaction AND opportunity to work on your own business during the workshop. Each class, I work with individual participants...and I promise to answer all your questions. Plus you have opportunities to continue learning after the workshop ends...all included.

And much more.

Totally new to the Internet...

I was totally new to the Internet when I joined the first Online Client Attraction Strategy workshop. I didn't even have a website and wasn't clear on my business idea. The first four calls helped me get acclimated to the Internet business mindset, terminology and strategy to establish an online presence. The fifth call felt like a breakthrough for me. Learning about writing book reviews on Amazon.com was priceless. Your advice for Facebook and creating a landing page really helped me to tie together all the information from the previous four calls.

Cindy McMillan


"Way beyond what was promised..."

"As a student in Cathy's Winter Workshop, I was very pleased with her program. Even though Cathy promised us three classes, she went way beyond that by adding two bonus calls. Each session Cathy gave straight forward, helpful critiques of web sites if people requested them. Information from Cathy's lectures, handouts, and homework could be put to use immediately.

Besides learning some new techniques during this class, I was also able to make contacts with others for ongoing support. I would not hesitate in signing up for another of Cathy's classes."

Pat Bluth

"Answered a lot of questions..."

"I took Cathy Goodwin's Winter Workshop to get some much needed feedback and assistance for my web site The workshop answered a lot of questions for me and Cathy was very helpful in pinpointing specific ways for me to improve my web site The Learning Guides were very informative and clearly written. As a result I feel more confident in sending people to my web site.

Cathy is very knowledgeable, insightful and dedicated to helping professionals optimize their copywriting and web sites"

Richard Atkinson

"I still get comments on what I learned..."

"I was lucky to attend Cathy's first Social Marketing course. She easily covered all the basics of using Twitter and Facebook for my business as well as tips to submit articles to get traffic to our web sites (which definitely works!).

She encouraged us and answered all our questions with verve and enthusiasm and was fun.

I still get comments on is the "Twitter page" I created from Cathy's tips and I made a couple of new friends while on the course too. Thanks, Cathy!"

Emma-Louise Elsey


Creating Your Own Niche Marketing Machine

Here's an overview of what you'll be learning. Notice that we jump right in. No get-acquainted time and no fillers.


Session 1: Defining A Niche That Is

Realistic AND Lucrative

Tuesday November 9 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

We jump right to the questions that brought you here. What do you need to create a niche-connecting website? You will learn 3 essential building blocks. We walk through a process to help you define and evaluate your own niche, with time for Q&A to discuss your unique challenges.

Topics include:

A 3-step strategy to define your niche (so you're on the fast track to create your website content)

copywritingThe simplest way to uncover your own "Fab Factor" (so you create your "fabulous" online presence)

copywriting Creative out-of-the box ideas to target 1, 2 or many niches

copywriting 3 elements that appear on most service biz websites and totally confuse your target prospects

copywriting Why a crowded niche will usually be more profitable than an empty one (and how to work the crowd to your advantage)

copywriting Build your opt-in system on your niche foundation (so you build strong rapport with your target audience )

Session #2: The Nuts and Bolts Behind Creating

Your Own "Know, Like and Trust" Factor Online

Tuesday November 16 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

You probably heard (at least 1,000 times) that your prospects need to know, like and trust you. Your About page helps you make a strong connection to your niche, yet many business owners just offer a resume or even skip this page altogether. Discover how to promote your expertise and experience with complete professionalism.

Topics include:

copywriting Implement 5 easy techniques to create a compelling presence online

copywriting Make your "About" page a key element of your promotional strategy (with templates and a step by step system)

copywriting Tell your "how I got here" story to maximize the "like" factor (and what to do if you don't

copywriting Leverage your "About" page to create your elevator speech and social networking bio

copywriting Negotiate the "like" factor so your prospects recognize your empathy along with your expertise.

Session #3: Creating Relationships That Bring You Revenue

Tuesday November 23 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

This module guides you to create content for two critical pages where the rubber meets the road. Your home page lets you give your niche a virtual handshake. Your services page connects with clients the way a tennis ball connects with the sweet spot of a racquet: it's the close. You get templates, step by step guidance and (via the forum) feedback from me and from other participants.

Topics include:

copywriting Grab prospects in your target niche with a killer home page

copywriting Transform your Services Page from a menu to a motivator

copywriting Communicate the value of your services (with complete professionalism and integrity)

copywriting Plant subtle cues to welcome your niche members (and gently discouraging tire-kickers, deadbeats and nice people who just aren't right for you)

Session #4: Tuning Your Promotion To Your Niche's Frequency

Tuesday November 30 at 10 AM Pacific / 1 PM Eastern

Audio and video can pull clients ...IF you've written scripts that communicate value. This session will guide you through writing a script for an audio or video (your choice) that you can use to introduce yourself to prospects. One of our bonus calls will walk you through the technology to get started.

Topics include:

copywriting Choosing to use audio or video to reach your niche (and when video will backfire)

copywriting 3 hidden places to add audio files to attract clients from your niche

copywriting Make an audio recording that introduces you and your services effortlessly to your target marketonline marketing with audio

copywriting Write a script for your video (so you create a powerful marketing tool that makes clients want to join you)

copywriting Assemble the materials you must have on hand so you will be ready when an interview host calls

Plus these BIG bonuses:

Bonus #1: Reaching Your Niche With Website Technology

The Number 1 reason people don't implement what they learn in my workshops? They can't find a webmaster. Or their webmaster disappeared. Or they don't know how to explain what they want when they talk to a techie.

Jocelyn "Toolie" Garner has been in the software business since working at Microsoft Corporation. She's one of the few people who combines a knowledge of all things technical with an understanding of how to harness technology for your marketing goals. She's prepared a special one-hour webinar to empower you as you reach your online niche. This call alone will be worth your investment.

Bonus #2: Reaching Your Niche With a Tiny List

Connie Ragen Green literally wrote the book on this topic. She began earning a high income even when her list held fewer than 1000 members. Connie will offer a customized 60-minute webinar to share her secrets of creating a list that's strongly targeted to a specific niche and leveraging your list to the max. Another call that will be worth your entire investment in the workshop.

Bonus #3: 3 Months in My New Membership Site

Enjoy 3 months of access to audio programs, products and courses that you won't get elsewhere. You won't be rolled over automatically; you have the option to continue as a paid member if you choose. Value $47x3 or $141.

Bonus #4: Private "secret" forum for course participants only

You'll find this bonus is one of the most helpful parts of the course. In fact, you can just listen to the replays and participate in the forums to get full value from the course. You get feedback from me and from others who just might be in your own niche.

Extra Bonus – Bring a friend for FREE

Bring your friend, Virtual Assistant or business associate. You work together on one project during the workshop.

SUPER Bonus: Get a 30-minute consultation with me between November 23 and December 15. Now you can fine-tune your own niche marketing machine.

This workshop is PERFECT for you if you...

  • Want to stop working so hard to attract clients and let your website do a bigger and better job
  • Realize you have expertise and skills and want to promote them to your target prospects
  • Want a no-frills, high-energy, action-oriented learning experience
  • Are thoroughly fed up with saying, "I know my website is a disaster but..."
  • Envision your website as a 24/7 marketing partner (even if it's currently more like a couch potato)
  • Are ready to create authentic promotional content and not interested in cookie-cutter solutions

But it's NOT for you if you...

  • Are looking for a magic bullet solution
  • Want to end up with a website that looks exactly like everybody else's
  • Hope your prospects will give you llots of compliments about your "beautiful" website (instead of requests for solutions and services)

Let's sum it up: here's what you'll get when you join the workshop:

Turn Your Website Into A Niche Marketing Machine

4 60-90 minute teleseminars (listen from anywhere on the planet)

copywriting tipsQ&A Session with every call

copywriting tipsRecordings of all calls (available for download or listening online)

copywriting tipsPrivate forum for members only (for feedback and questions)

copywriting tips Bonus #1: Webinar on Technology to Reach Your Niche (so you can implement your solutions without a webmaster)

copywriting tips Bonus #2: Teleseminar on Reach Your Niche With a Tiny List (so you can get started no matter where you are in your business)

copywriting tipsBonus #3: Bring a friend or colleague FREE and work on a project together

copywriting tipsBonus #4: 3 Months in My New Membership Program (No "forced continuity")

copywriting tipsBreakout Bonus: 30 minute one-to-one call with me

So what's all of this going to cost me?

With the bonuses, the value of this workshop is close to $997. Your standard mission ticket is just $497.

The good new is... you don't have to pay this amount.

For a limited time, you get the workshop, bonuses and call for the Early Bird price just $397.

"Money is tight ... will I get my money's worth?"

What's it worth to finally know how to identify your niche and get in touch with your hottest prospects? What's the value of getting your website up and running (instead of leaving money on the table because you have an "Under Construction" project)? What's the value of taking charge of your site - no longer being at the mercy of your web developer?

-- When you hire a webmaster, you always save time and almost always save significant money when you create content first. Most likely you will save twice your investment in this workshop from this opportunity alone.

--When you hire a copywriter you will pay $1000 - $5000 to write your website content.

-- When you write your own content without guidance or coaching, expect to invest 10 to 40 hours. This workshop lets you get right to the heart of what you need in a fraction of the time. Imagine having all those extra hours to work with clients and earn money!

-- A website critique normally starts at $750 (and some copywriters charge $1500 or more). You can use the forum and consultation to get ongoing feedback as we move through the key pages of your website.


workshop guaranteeI'm confident you will benefit from this course beginning with the very first session. Most people who take my classes are returning as alums. But you can decide for yourself.

Within 24 hours of Session 1, if you decide this workshop is not for you...just let me know before 5 PM Eastern/ 2 PM Pacific of Wednesday, November 10, and get a full 100% refund. No questions asked.

"Cathy, there's a lot to choose from. Why should I sign up for your workshop?"

Excellent question.

First, this workshop is not a set of calls. It's a program: a combination of training, feedback, interaction, coaching and implementation. You will work with me directly as well as the folks on the bonus calls. You walk away with your website ready to go.

Second, you're getting value for your investment. Most comparable programs charge $797 - $997 and few include the degree of interaction and feedback you will get.

Third, you're working with an experienced Internet marketing copywriter who also (literally) has a PhD in marketing and a ton of experience.

I'm not one of the big names you'll see on the Internet; I stay under the radar. My clients like to feel they've discovered me the way you discover a boutique hotel instead of a Hilton ... or that out of the way restaurant the tourists don't know about but the insiders do. It's not my style to disclose numbers (frankly, I don't want to invite legal hassles). But I don't have a trust fund and you can probably figure out I'm living pretty well. I've been on the Internet for nearly 10 years and I know where the bodies (and the treasures!) are buried.

So are you ready to reserve your space?

signup Yes Cathy! I'm ready to reach my niche online.

I will receive:

4 training calls

Recordings of calls

Q&A on every call

Member-only forum

Bonus #1: Call with Tech Whiz Toolie Garner

Bonus #2: Call with Online Legend Connie Ragen Green

Bonus #3: 3 months in my new Membership Group

Bonus #4: Bring a friend for free

Breakout Bonus: One-to-One Coaching call



credit cards


If you're ready to reach your niche online...now's the time! Think of finishing your site by the winter holidays...and enjoying a prosperous New Year.

To your online success,

Cathy Goodwin PhD

P. S. We're hearing a lot these days about the dangers of saying, "I'll think about it." It's SO easy to put your online marketing on the back burner again...and again. Don't let this happen to you!

Legal Note: I've made every effort to present this offering accurately. The testimonials and examples are not intended to imply specific results to the average purchaser. Results cannot be promised or guaranteed because each participant comes with a different background, motivation, mindset and persistence. As with any business investment, purchasers should be aware that there is some risk of loss and there is no guarantee you will earn money as a result of participation in this workshop or any other offering.

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