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"5 Simple Steps to

Reach Your Most Lucrative Niche Online"

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Discover why so many business owners leave money on the table because they believe all the myths about niche marketing... and the simple steps that convert relationships to revenue.

Can you relate to these scenarios:

"I know I'm supposed to have a niche. But how do I nail down the exact niche that's right for me and my business?"

"I want to connect with my niche without sounding fake or pretending to be something I'm not."

"I've got a great niche but I don't know how to monetize it...and the tried and true formulas just don't work for me."

"How can I create compelling website content to reach my niche (so they find me online even when I'm sleeping?)"

"How can I find prospects without lurking on forums or talking my way into meetings and mailing lists?"

During this 60-minute results-oriented call you will get specific tips and strategies to meet these challenges and more. You get action steps you can take immediately to attract more targeted clients and increase your online revenue.

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Here's just a sample of what you will learn on this call:

copywritingThe 5 steps to turn your website into a Niche Marketing Machine. You're going to get an overview of EXACTLY what each step is in my program. It's based on how I work with one-to-one clients on full-service copywriting projects.

copywriting3 signals that show your niche has potential to bring you revenue (and 5 signs you might as well stop wasting your time)

copywriting How to apply the "Goldilocks and 3 Bears Porridge Test:" Is your niche too narrow, too broad or just right?

copywriting How to leverage rewards from great clients who don't fit your niche...and position yourself when you don't seem to fit your best niche.

copywriting2 mistakes you must avoid on your website home page (because they create an immediate disconnect with your niche)

copywritingWhy your About page forges a special connection to your niche (even when you don't seem to be a great match for your target market)

copywriting3 hidden strategies to find prospects in your niche and begin to build your relationships

... and much more. In fact...

Don't be surprised if this one call points you to a whole new, more profitable online marketing strategy. It won't be the first time.


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